Active Outthere

About Us

Active Outthere launched in Australia in 2009. Dedicated to bringing innovative outdoor products to Australia and beyond, the company has grown from importing, wholesaling and distributing to also manufacturing and exporting.

Our focus has always been on supplying independent retailers with high quality, original products with a point of difference. We’re always on the lookout for something clever to bring to Australia.

Active Outthere Director, Brett Varga, has had an extensive career in the management and marketing of Australian wheel toys and bikes. His experience qualifies him to determine what products will work in the Australian market.

Brands in the Active Outthere fold currently include Grit & Crisp scooters, Globber Kids Scooters, as well as many other brands.

Grit is our own brand. This high spec, performance scooter has been designed, manufactured and distributed globally by Active OutThere.